Soviet Disaster 2: Artillery Fire

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The U.S. has developed the ultimate virtual reality system -- a system (named VIRT345) that allows people to live in virtual reality worlds just like in real worlds. The test world that the scientists who developed the technology created -- named KQ6WORLD -- was based on the classic video game King's Quest VI, which the scientists had played when they were young. The Soviets, in anger, have attacked the U.S -- but the U.S. defeated them. Only small groups of the Soviets remain.

The inhabitants of KQ6WORLD are having a beach party on the Isle of Wonder in celebration of the victory against the Soviets. Princess Cassima is there in a red string bikini, and Lady Celeste is there in a white string bikini. The other characters are wearing scanty swimwear of various types.

Princess Cassima and Lady Celeste are both in the swimming in the ocean along with David and Andrew...

Princess Cassima: The Soviets are really stupid.

Lady Celeste: Yes, they are. It seems that they forgot that we have nuclear weapons.

Princess Cassima: Come over here, Andrew!

Andrew: You come after me! (swims away)

Princess Cassima: Hehe, I can catch you! (swims after Andrew)

Princess Cassima swims after Andrew, getting closer and closer... Finally she touches his shoulder. He spins around and they both hug tightly.

David: You're sexy, Lady Celeste! (flashes her a thumbs-up sign)

Lady Celeste: Go crash a helicopter! (starts swimming away)

David: Come back! (starts splashing water at Lady Celeste)

Lady Celeste turns around and approaches David.

Lady Celeste: Come closer, sweetie...

David: What are you trying to do, seduce me?

Lady Celeste: (laughing) No! What are you, a pervert?

COMM1: ALERT: The surviving Soviet groups are using illegal devices to hack into and disable VIRT345 -- they are launching a rebellion.

Andrew: Holy shit!

COMM1: ALERT: Nuclear explosions detected in the U.S.

Lady Celeste: What the fuck is going on? I thought that we'd destroyed the Soviets!

The Soviets launch a rebellion against the U.S., hack into VIRT345, and use it to create their own virtual world, which they name "WORLD2" and dare the U.S. to explore. Their virtual world consists of an island inhabited by a mermaid seductress. A team of 3 men is sent in to explore that world.

Three explorers (named Jack, David, and Nicholas) are sent to explore the island on WORLD2. Inevitably, they run into the mermaid seductress, who wears a green string bikini top and has a green fish tail...

Mermaid: Come closer!

David: Who are you?

Mermaid: I'm a mermaid! I live on this island. Like to go for a swim?

Nicholas: We can't swim.

Mermaid: That's no problem! I'll swim you!

Nicholas: We don't have any swimsuits.

Mermaid: That's no problem. Here! (gives the three explorers swimsuits)

David: Whoa.

Jack: These are so scanty! Don't you have anything more modest?

Mermaid: You don't have to wear them if you don't want to!

David: Shut up!

All three of the men change into the swimsuits -- but they are suspicious and don't go with the mermaid. David gets in a canoe and paddles away, trying to reach the inner area of the island. The mermaid seduces him by capsizing the canoe -- forcing him (because he can't swim) to hug her to stay above the water -- and she wom't swim him back to shore until after they have sex in the water. Inevitably, they do...

Jack and Nicholas notify the U.S. government that David was seduced, and the government retaliates by launching a major offensive strike against the Soviets.

Two U.S. military officers debate what to do next...

Officer 1: Obviously the intent of this mermaid is to get valuable military secrets from our nation. There are two ways that you can get a person to surrender information: Either torture them, or offer them pleasure.

Officer 2: We have to get Nicholas out! We can't let him be seduced -- he has critical information!

Officer 1: We are now attempting to hack into WORLD2. If Nicholas gets seduced, the Soviets will finish the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

Jack and Nicholas then try to find a way of exiting WORLD2 -- but none is found, and the mermaid approaches Jack. Jack has no experience with women and he can't resist the seductive behavior of the mermaid. Sure enough, she successfully seduces him too... Nicholas then attempts to stay away from the mermaid, but the mermaid collapses a bridge he walks on. He too has no choice but to hug her to stay above the water, and of course she won't swim him back to shore until after they have sex in the water...

Nicholas is in the water with the mermaid (hugging her to stay above the water)...

Mermaid: Are you going to wait here all day?

Nicholas: Are you? Head back to the shore now!

Mermaid: We're not ready to go back to the shore.

Nicholas: Yes we are!

Mermaid: No we aren't. Don't be frightened...this will be good...

Nicholas: Shut up! Quit this shit right now!

Mermaid: Don't be frightened, sweetie... (giggling) I bet you have an erection...

Nicholas looks deep into the mermaid's eyes, and then starts to kiss her passionately... The U.S. military officers finally manage to hack into WORLD2, and they send Lady Celeste (in her bikini) to rescue Nicholas... Lady Celeste flies high in the air, looking for Nicholas... She spots him and the mermaid kissing, preparing to have sex. She then dives down toward the water, snatches Nicholas from the mermaid, lands him on the shore, and gives him a tight hug... Nicholas is rescued.

What happens next, however, is so incredible it will make you fall out of your seat...