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The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor is the first Wolf3D add-on that I've made. It is a small set (6 levels) that requires the registered set. Levels are very well designed, many have major secret areas in them, and level 4 has a "trick" section (with some tricks that you may not have seen before.)

Here are some screenshots:

The Devil's Attack

The Devil's Attack is a trick add-on that I am working on. In case you somehow or other don't know this already, "tricks" are ways that you can take advantage of bugs in Wolf3D to cause strange effects to occur on a level. While many of you have seen tricks in add-ons before, The Devil's Attack will have many tricks that, in all probability, you've never seen before -- not even in Temporary Insanity, as well as excellent level design and fun puzzles. Here are some of the more amazing tricks that it will have:

Also, the easier the difficulty level is, the harder the levels will be.

Here are some screenshots:

Download the Demo

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