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"Tricks" in Wolf3D are ways that you can take advantage of bugs in Wolf3D to make strange effects occur on a level. There is an AMAZING number of tricks in Wolf3D, ranging from walls and objects that can be walked through to red-hot walls to force-fields to blocks moving by themselves to walls appearing all over a level. However, they take away the realism of the game, so they should not be used in "normal" Wolf3D add-ons, and they should never be used in add-ons with source code changes, because in add-ons where the EXE was edited and it could have anything, they seem cheesy and boring. Here, I have in-depth information on tricks in Wolfenstein 3-D, including how to do tricks, how tricks can be used, and why tricks work.

VERY few web sites exist that give information on tricks in Wolf3D, and as far as I know, NO web sites (other than this one) exist that give in-depth information on tricks, and even if you think that you know all about tricks in Wolf3D, chances are that there are many tricks that you don't know about.

Check out the links below for in-depth information on tricks in Wolf3D:

Walls and objects that can be walked through
Enemies hidden in walls
"Garbled image" walls
Blocks that disappear when pushed
Red-hot walls
Force fields
Doors that can be pushed