Tricks: Walls and objects that can be walked through

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Walls and objects that can be walked through ("transparent" walls/objects) is a trick that many Wolf3D level designers know already. There are 2 main ways of doing it:

While the first method is the easiest way of making transparent walls, the second method is preferred and also works on objects. Transparent walls and objects can be used for many different things, including hiding secret areas. If a block goes through a transparent wall, it will eat away the wall.

One other thing: You can also have doors that can be walked through. To do this, place a patrolling enemy inside a door and make the enemy walk out of the door and into a holding pattern. Take note, however, that if the door is opened and closed, it will become solid again when it is closed. To make the side of a door penetrable, either use one of the above methods or just assign a floor code to the door side tile. If you do the latter, there will be a phantom "non-shaded" gray stone block (discussed later) in it's place that can be walked through. If you'd like the door to not even have a side block at all, assign the "deaf guard" floor code to the side tile of the door (no, this WILL NOT make the door "invisible".)