Tricks -- Enemies hidden in walls

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Hiding enemies in walls is another neat trick (and is related to "transparent" walls.) With this trick, you have an enemy (or multiple enemies,) hidden in the walls of a room or other type of area, and at a certain time (generally when the player enters the area,) the enemy pops out of the wall and attacks or chases after the player. As you may have figured out already if you read the section on transparent walls, in any case, the wall is transparent after the enemy pops out of it.

There are 3 main ways of hiding enemies in walls:

The first method generally should not be used at all (except for bosses other than Pac-Man ghosts,) and the third method should mainly be used when it's necessary. When the second method, generally the preferred one, is used, the enemy will not be triggered until the player is on the floor code adjacent to the wall (take note that because it is a patrolling enemy, the "deaf guard" floor code will NOT work) and is in the guard's sight or fires a shot. Also, with the second method, it is preferred to (when you can) have the player approach from the west/east sides, because then the enemies in the walls won't notice the player when the player isn't farther into the room. If the player approaches from the north/south sides, the enemies will be triggered right away.

There are many neat twists that you can add to this trick. While the common thing to do with this trick is to have a room that looks empty and have enemies pop out of the walls and attack the player when the player comes in (or fires a shot in the area,) there are many twists that can be added. Here are some:

One other thing: You can also place enemies in doors. To do this, place a standing enemy in a door. Take note, however, that the player WILL be able to see the enemy standing in the door. After the enemy walks out of the door (if it does,) the door will be transparent until it is opened and closed.